About Coach Rumley

Jonathan Rumley is a private disc golf coach and professional disc golfer based in Denver, Colorado with over 10 years of experience in the sport, 15 PDGA tournament wins(2 MA1 & 13 MPO), and is dedicated to sharing his expertise with players of all skill levels. His main focuses are based on mindfulness techniques, intention setting, and improving backhand form, including putting, upshots, and driving. He also offers guidance on forehand throws, thumbers, tomahawks, grenades, and rollers. Join him on the journey to enhance your disc golf game.

Coach Rumley's Principles

Mindfulness Techniques

Intention Setting

Mastering Backhand Form

Incorporate mindfulness into your disc golf game to improve focus and concentration. Stay present and in the moment.

Set clear intentions for each throw and visualize success. Develop a strategic mindset to enhance your disc golf performance.

Learn proper backhand form for putting, upshots, and driving. Develop consistency and accuracy in your throws.

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