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Discover the joy of disc golf and improve your skills with the guidance of a professional coach. Learn mindfulness techniques, set intentions, and perfect your backhand form for putting, upshots, and driving. From beginners to amateurs, everyone is welcome to benefit from the disc golf knowledge.

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Disc Golf Lessons

Take your disc golf game to the next level with personalized coaching from Disc Golf Coach Rumley. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, the lessons focus on mindfulness techniques, intention setting, and perfecting your backhand form. From putting to driving, he'll help you master every aspect of the game. Sign up for a lesson today and start improving your disc golf skills!

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About Coach Rumley

Disc Golf Coach Rumley has been a Professional Disc Golfer Association member since 2013, started in MA1, won two MA1 tournaments in 2015, then moved up to MPO at the beginning of 2016, hit a personal all-time high player rating of 972, and has averaged 960's since 2016, but my goal for 2024 is to jump up to a personal all-time high player rating of 973+ as I am starting to take my disc golf career a bit more serious while teaching others how todo the same thing!

Goals Per Lesson

  • Increase form consistency

  • Increase mindfulness techniques

  • Increase strategic throws

  • Increase revolutions per minute per throw

  • Increase overall well-rounded disc golf game

Unleash your disc golf potential

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